Turning good into gold

A gold morning is the combination of unpredictable happiness and refreshing energy. If your morning is good, your day will certainly turn out better. And, a better day makes your life beautiful and happier than before.

To start a day and the busy professional routine, we require a energy backup for whole day, that backup comes from the morning, I must say.

I am an undergraduate student and the necessity of consistent energy and refreshment is well known as well as well-required to me. Continued 6 hours of classes a day can easily make a person badly tired. Besides all, I have to pay much attention on my studies too and that also requires continued energy flow and refreshment in my body. Therefore, I know how a good morning can provide me all that is the required to my body.

My mantra to turn good mornings into gold mornings are very simple and common. Anyone willing to make their morning gold and the day beautiful can easily do it.

Early to rise

To enjoy a morning, you must wake up in the morning. I try to rise in the morning by latest 5 am. At that time, Sun is about to publish its rays in the sky. The whole surroundings looks clear and give me feeling of eternal peace.


Toothbrushing is a very important task. You have to meet people, speak with them and interact with them daily. Your face and tooth tells your impression on the person in front of you.
I always use colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes for cleaning of my mouth. It keeps me refreshed for whole day and I can easily interact with any person.

Watching sunrise on Ghats

I live in the city of Banaras, the spiritual capital of India. It is the city older than history. Banaras is situated on the banks of river Ganges and Ghats on the bank of the river are famous all over the world for its historical importance and scenic beauty.

Watching the Sun rising and making a golden road on the surface of the river is just an immortal memory. I regularly go to Ghats in the morning to enjoy the scene.

Traditional Breakfasts

It is said that you cannot even worship without food. Then, A morning without food is not possible.
Traditional breakfast of Banaras is Puri, Sabji and Jalebi. You can easily find it anywhere in the Banaras in the morning. It is just tastier than anything else. It has played an important role in turning good mornings into gold mornings.

That is how I turn my good morning into gold morning.
It’s my mantra, What’s yours?

Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush , has been specially designed to make your mouth clean and your morning gold.


This post is a part of Colgate India’s #Colgate360GoldMornings campaign.