Support the change you want to see around you #CelebratingSuper

Delhi, the heart of the nation. The capital city and the faster growing NCR, are somehow the faces or the featured image of our country. One would determine India by calculating its face and that is Delhi. This Diwali is again a chance to glorify and brighten the region so as to make the place outstanding for a living, interactive to tourism and a model to the whole of the world.


If you have ever been to a village, you would have watched the lifestyle there and might have observed the secret behind their happiness in fewer resources. In my point of views, The joy of giving is their secret to earn happiness.

People from Delhi NCR can also celebrate super by initiating the initiative to give. If you have something extra, give it to someone in need. Your single effort can bring a big balance in the world and you can bring home a big pack of smiles. It will be with you for your whole life.

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This Diwali, you can celebrate in a new way. You can bring your neighbours, relatives, elders and others at one place and organise a story session. Just put a fixed time and enjoy the mixture of amazing experiences. This will help you bring yourselves closer to each other. You will not feel sorry to not know a person besides living in the same apartment.

The supreme court has taken a positive note by ordering the ban on the firecrackers. The order came to reduce the side effects of the air pollution. last year, It was a frightening week when the whole Delhi was soaked in the polluted smoke. The positive effort initiated by the honourable supreme court is a suggestion to all of us to care about others.

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Some NGOs like Roti Bank and Feeding India are working die hard to feed every single person in the country. They are trying to reduce the hunger level and produce a happy face of our country. You can also help them by giving your support in the initiative of making lives better and super.

Public transports like DTC buses and Delhi metro are some of the reputed initiatives by Delhi Government to make its people’s lives easy and beautiful. Public transports not only reduces the jams and loads on the roads but also helps in bringing the pollution level at the lowest. As the Metro and DTC buses initiatives are proposed to be increased in coming years, it will surely ease the busy lifestyle of its population.

Many others are working in the Swachh Bharat initiative, some are working for the better and cleaner water supply in the slum areas, some are working for the education of poor children. According to a TribuneIndia report, Todapur slum of Delhi region has changed fully due to the Swachh Bharat initiative started by govt. of India.
Once it was the place of drug addicts and open defecation, now it is clean and used as the playground for children.

These are the changes that give you believe that this world still has the tendency to survive. The people and minds with the ability and belief to bring a change are highly appreciated. They are the heroes of our society and their initiatives are the wings of change.

It’s the human’s world. There will always be problems in our surroundings. We have the mind and the capability to fight those problems and continuously work for the betterment. It is our duty as a citizen as well as a human. If we will not do so, It will cause danger to our own existence.


So, be active and play your part as much as possible. Because an Idea is just a sheet of paper until implemented. And, Implementation is in our own hands.

#CelebratingSuper is a collective effort.

Vodafone India is working on its plan to bring a change in Delhi NCR. Check out its offers for Delhi region.


Impacts of clean India campaign

“To take a big step, one need a small step in the beginning.”

I had to travel from Varanasi to my home by train. Train was late, So I decided to walk along the platform.
I was surprised to see that there was very very less amount of dirt and debris on its floor in comparison to 5-6 months back. There was regular cleaning done on the platforms. People were throwing the waste at suitable places but not here and there.

You will say what is surprising about this? Could cleaning be a surprise? Yes I know, It’s just a regular practice and the behavior of a common people.
But, It was not practiced outside our houses. People try to keep clean their own houses but not of others. Now, People are joining and co-ordinating their hands and making the impact.
It is surprising because 5 or 6 months before, the scene was totally different. Platforms were just like a house of dirt and debris.

Whether It’s used plastic bottles or wastewater or wasted papers, all was there to malign the beauty of  the platform, the junction as well as the city.

Criticism is done at large scale against the Clean India Campaign. People ask about its impact.
I would say that Clean India Campaign has been changing the traditional mindset of people.

What changes I have seen after the launch of Clean India campaign by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 02nd of October, 2014, I have witnessed some smaller but very necessary changes in people’s mind as well as at the ground level.


1. People search for dustbin to throw waste

In earlier time, It was common that people were used to dump waste outside the dustbin. It was familiar to witness the littering anywhere on the road in a large amount.
But now, People dump waste at right place and if they do not find the dustbin, they ask from the people for that.

2. Young minds and hands are changing the scenario

Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi is the spiritual capital of India. Banaras is well-known as the city of streets, Ghats and temples.
Politically, Varanasi is also the parliamentary seat of PM Narendra Modi.

Two young ladies, Temsutula Imsong and Darshika Shah with their team started a initiative “Mission Prabhughat” to clean Ghats of the Banaras. At first, People tried to ignore as well as criticize for their work.
But, when there efforts began to change the scene, people began to join their hands to make the building.
PM himself praised their effort on his twitter account.

3. India can really change

‘INDIA CAN CHANGE’, It was just a slogan. But efforts and changes in Clean India campaign has shown as well as regularly changing people’s traditional mindset.


It is just an example of change what I have been witnessing. There are a lot to come, join and make a clean country.

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Friends cannot be doubted

“I have foe turned friends and friend turned foes and I am not a politician.”

Isn’t it surprising?

A world of virtual and uncertain relations is Politics. The change in the nature of characters mostly happen in politics. There change occurs for the profit and you can’t term the relations of profit, friendship.

In Real life,

It’s easy to turn a friend to foe but It’s too difficult to convert a foe to friend.

You can’t believe on that person who was thinking to destroy you some moments before and now is your friend.
You can remove the label of Foe, but who know how to delete the seeds of suspicion and distrust from hearts?

Can a foe be a friend?

Different people will have different replies. Some might say It’s impossible, some call it an act of childhood, some could say, ‘Yeah! Why not?’

A confession

“Nothing was similar in us. He was from a high-class family, My family’s profession was farming. He used to come from his private car, I had an old bicycle to reach the school. I didn’t liked him because he had snatched my all friends. Everyone had to talk about him and I, I was a wastage of dustbean.”

‘One day, A new initiative was launched in our school for us. The initiative asked us to select a classmate and develop the meaning of friendship for a month. It was all to happen in regular routine.
We were also asked to make a report together for the welfare of school and the best one was to be given prize and implied in reality.’

‘I had no enthusiasm about it. The biggest surprise was that I was nominated by my assumed foe.’

‘Oh My God! What the hell it is?’, first sentence that came to my mind.

But, It was not the hell. It was beginning of a change. He and I had to develop the friendship but I was looking to increase the distance.’

‘Slowly but Importantly, I began to understand him. He was not that what I had assumed. He molded himself in my frame and he had done everything to be like me.’
‘I was not in a position to grab his status anyhow.’

‘Sometimes, I felt ashamed that he was preventing all the luxuries only due to me. Sometimes, I used to think It’s just a dramatic period.’

‘This time, positive thought was on the upper side and we had completed the required report in given time and It was made superve.’

‘The day, result was going to be announced at school. The hall was crowded. Hundreds of eyes and ears were eager to witness the proud moment and hands were excited to grab the badge of the ‘Best’.
‘Every one was waiting for the result. I was more happy than all as I had got a friend who had changed my views about ‘Friendship’, I was suspicious at the same, If he would, change his mind, what will happen to my beliefs?’

‘And, There was a surprise package for me. Everybody was clapping for us. We were declared the winner and asked to grab the badge. Both of us went to the stage and after shaking hands with respected authorities, We had a shining trophy in our hands.’

Now, It was the time to speak our experiences during the contest period.
He said to me, ‘It’s all due to you.’

I was not hoping this. I thought he might highlight his work at first but he was giving all the credit to me.

I said, ‘It’s not due to me, It’s due to Us.’
I was much luckier than everyone, no doubt.


Samar read the diary and he said to himself, ‘This is the real report card, much stronger than we made to win the competition.’

Rajeev was entering in the room  and Samar had placed the diary at its place.
Samar said to him, ‘Hey Rajeev! You know, A foe can be a friend.

Rajeev took a long breath and said, ‘I know.’ ”

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गाँव में एक बड़ा खेल का मैदान था। आस-पास के गाँव के छोटे-बड़े रोज शाम को वहाँ खेलते थे, टहलते थे, मटरगश्ती करते थे। शाम होने ही वाली थी, मगर आज कोई खेलने नहीं आया था।

गाँव में ‘धर्म परिवर्तन कैंप’ लगने वाला था। मैदान के किनारों पर बड़े-बड़े मंच बनाये गए थे। पूरा मैदान कृत्रिम रौशनी से जगमग कर रहा था। उन मंचों पर अलग-अलग धर्म का प्रचार किया जा रहा था।

मैदान में लोगों की भारी भीड़ जमा थी। पूछने पर पता चला कि लोग अपना भाग्य बदलवाने आये हैं, कुछ को जबरदस्ती लाया गया था, वहीं कुछ लोग लालच में पड़कर आये हुए थे, कुछ लोग नयी चीज़ देखने की आस में आये थे।

अलग-अलग धर्मों ने तरह-तरह के ऑफर भी निकाले थे। कोई दो दिनों में राशन कार्ड दिलाने का वादा कर रहा था, कोई ज़न्नत में जगह सुनिश्चित करवा रहा था तो कोई डॉलरों में तौलने की बात कर रहा था आदि।

लोगों को अपने धर्म की तरफ आकर्षित करने के हर संभव प्रयास किया जा रहे थे।
लोगों ने अपनी पसंद और जरूरत के आधार पर धर्म चुन लिया और सम्बंधित मंच के सामने कतार में खड़े हो गए।

थोड़ी ही देर में आलीशान गाड़ियों की कतार लग गई। सभी धर्मों के स्वघोषित अधिकारीगण उन गाड़ियों से उतरकर अपने-अपने मंचों की ओर बढ़ गए। उन्होंने एक बार सामने कतार में खड़े लोगों को हेय दृष्टि से देखा और ‘परिवर्तन’ के कार्य में लग गये।

परिवर्तन हो जाने के बाद अब संबोधन की बारी थी।
एक मंच से आवाज आई-‘हम सर्वश्रेष्ठ हैं।’
अन्य धर्माधिकारियों ने भी ‘हम सर्वश्रेष्ठ हैं’ का नारा बुलंद किया।

अब सामने खड़े लोग सोच में पड़ गए, ‘आखिर सर्वश्रेष्ठ है कौन? कोई एक ही हो सकता है।’
उन्होंने आपस में फिर सोचा-विचारा और निष्कर्ष निकाला, ‘सर्वश्रेष्ठ तो कोई एक ही हो सकता है।’

इस चिंता का समाधान कौन करे?
स्वनियुक्त अधिकारीगण तो अपने-अपने ‘परिवर्तन’ के कार्य को आगे बढ़ाने के लिए कूच कर चुके थे, उनके पास वक्त कहाँ था?

मगर, शंका तो समाधान चाहती है। खुला मैदान, सर्वश्रेष्ठ घोषित कर दिए गए विभिन्न धर्मों के लोग। उन्होंने आपस में जिरह शुरू कर दी। बहस में गर्मी आती जा रही थी, गाली-गलौज और अब हिंसा अपने चरम पर पहुँच रही थी, लोगों ने अपने ‘धर्म’ को सर्वश्रेष्ठ साबित करने के लिए एक-दूसरे को मारना-काटना शुरू कर दिया। बचे-खुचे लोगों के थके हाथ तब रूके जब पुलिस की गाड़ियाँ मोर्चे पर घायलों और मृतकों की संख्या गिनने के कार्य को अंजाम देने पहुँच गई।

अगले दिन भी बच्चे घरों से बाहर नहीं निकल पाए। मैदान को प्रशासन ने अपने अधिकार में ले लिया था।

पुलिस जाँच में लगी थी और बच्चे यह सोचने में कि, ‘आखिर वहाँ हुआ क्या है?’

“राहें चुननीं इतनी भी मुश्किल नहीं
जिस तरफ ‘सत्य’ हो
उधर चल देना चाहिए,

कपटी, भ्रष्ट, धोखेबाजों का
सबसे पहले
हो सके तो ‘कर्म’ बदल देना चाहिए।”