It’s a gold morning

“A gold morning is not golden in color but turns a day into gold.”

A new day inspire us to take new resolutions and do our best to complete them. Resolutions are the reasons to go ahead in life and not be stable in the earlier state.

What decides how your day will pass today? How will you take care of your resolutions? And, What decides your rest of the day?
Guessing…..  yes! You are right, It’s the sweet Morning that is the decider of your day. Your whole day depends upon your morning, To make your day beautiful, you need to make your morning beautiful.
For getting refreshed and make their morning and day super, Some love to walk in the morning, some go to gym, some love to eat their favorite breakfast, some find their happy morning in newspaper and a lot.
You cannot find the taste of gold morning if you sleep till 10’o clock in the day.

For me, There are a number of things that turn my good morning into Gold. I love these things from core of my heart and I wish it might happen till my life.

I live in the spiritual capital of India, in the city of Banaras. In the hostel of university, I usually wake up at 5’o clock in the morning. After that, The act of refreshment starts. After refreshment, my morning walk starts from my hostel. It ends up to the Ghats on the banks of river Ganges.

Watching सुबह-ए-बनारस

It’s a morning musical program that is performed daily at the famous ASSI Ghat of Banaras. Every morning starts with Ganga Arti and then musical exercise. The combination of both is really amazing and It provide viewers eternal joy.
It’s a landmark of gold morning for me.

Lovely scenary of Sunrise

While sitting on river’s bank, you can watch the red spherical Sun rising from the east. Watching sunrise is always a joyful practice, but experiencing Sunrise on river’s bank is just unforgettable.
It looks alike a road of gold has been made on the surface of the water to welcome the new morning.
Watching sunrise is beautiful experience as well as an energetic exercise too.
The rising sun also inspires me to start up our day with more power and dedication.

Delicious breakfasts

A good morning is quite colorless without good breakfasts.
It is said that good food is the reason of good behavior.

After returning from the bank of river Ganges to my hostel, I prefer to eat famous Banarasi breakfast of Puri, Sabji and Jalebi. A sip of sweet tea after the breakfast makes it more beautiful.
The immortal taste of the traditional breakfast make my morning more amazing and I find myself ready to start my day with new energy, frest thinking and new enthusiasm.

(Puri, Sabji and Jalebi….It’s mouth-watering)

These are the things that make my morning golden, What are yours?

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