Soft skin sweet baby


Someone has said,
“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.”

To keep the God’s opinion intact and safe, you need to add extra hands to your body so that you can perform the difficult looking tasks in very easy way.
Taking regular care of a baby is not an easy task. It asks a lot of effort and immense concentration.

Skin resembles the health of a person and the same applies on babies too.
Keeping baby’s skin soft and flexible is a difficult work but can be easily performed by taking some basic and daily steps on a routine basis. It would be more easy when carer will do the same with the intention of obtaining baby’s skin’s soft gentle innocent touch.

How to keep your baby’s skin soft for more time? How to avoid babies from avoidable things?
This question will really get amazing ideas and answers in return.
In my view, one can use following important steps in order to keep their baby’s skin flexible, soft and pulpy for a long period.

According to my personal view, These steps are as follows:-

1. Using clean clothes

Always use clean and unharmful clothes for your baby. Never even touch your baby’s skin with dirty clothes as it might cause skin infection to your baby.
Keep all your baby’s dress clean and at one place so that you can change your baby’s dress whenever it’s necessary.

2. Maintaining temperature

There should neither be too cold nor too hot around your baby. Keep an ideal temperature in your room and try to maintain it.
It will help your baby’s skin and healrh in gaining comfort level easily.

3. Taking help from skin care specialists

Whenever you feel it essential and beyond your reach,
Immediately contact skin care specialists.
Follow the prescribed instructions properly.

4. Avoiding from insects

Avoid your baby from mosquitos and other harmful infects. These insects can not only damage your baby’s skin but can cause harmful effect on health too. Keep your surrounding clean and green so that these harmful insects do not enter in your baby’s surrounding.

5. Using moisturizing soaps

To get soft skin for your baby, you can use moisturizing soaps. It will not only keep your baby clean and healthy but also make skin softer and pulply. Skin will not dry unnecessarily.

Do not ignore the small changes in your baby’s behavior. If you feel any such, try to identify and short out in not much time.
If you see your baby is not comfortable or you see any type of changes in your baby’s behavior, immediately contact the physician.

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To keep the softness safe


“Babies compel us to sound ‘So cute’.”

The innocent face of babies not only create childish smile on elder’s face but also excite elders to remember those lovely childhood memories. The smile of babies make elder ones lost in them.

Whenever one plays with a baby, he tries to keep the baby safe and smiling. One always tries and work to keep babies safe from any kind of problem or danger.
Whenever there comes an awkward condition, elders first think of babies and then comes the number for other things.

Babies are also treated as the model of the God on the earth.
Beside everything, babies have sweet smiles and soft skin which attracts every person towards that sweetness.

There is a direct connection between skin and the health of a body.
Skin defines the overall health condition of a baby. So, elders pay their first attention on maintenance of soft skin of babies.

I have seen some traditional practices in my village that people usually use to keep their baby’s skin soft and healthy.

Some of those practices often used in traditional methods to keep baby’s skin soft are:-

1. Keeping away from unnecessary heat

Elders do not allow to take out babies outside the roof. Babies are kept in amazing care and hence are avoided from the excess heat. Babies are also avoided from the direct sunlight.

2.  Paying attention on cleanliness

Cleanliness is the best way of protection from unwanted diseases. You can keep your baby’s skin softer by paying attention on every drop of dirt on the body and cleaning immediately.
Babies are cleaned with lukewarm water and body soap on daily basis.

3. Love and care

You shouldn’t decrease the level of love and care towards a baby. It is the love and care that makes baby smiling and cute look.
So, keep them loving and caring.

4. Using branded equipments

You shouldn’t use those equipments for babies that are not trustworthy. It may cause harmful effects on baby’s skin as well as health.
It’s necessary to use branded items to avoid side-effects.

5. Regularity

Babies should be cared regularly. It’s not an act of one or two days but a regular care is needed to keep your baby’s skin softer forever.
Make a list of essential works for the baby and do it on a routine basis.
It would help your baby in being healthy.

In my village, Elder women often use the gentle massage therapy of mustard oil for small babies to keep their skin pulpy and flexible.
Whenever you have to come out of the roof with the baby, you should cover the baby with clean towel or clothes.

These are some practices that I have seen being used and are necessary for keeping baby’s skin soft and health at its best.

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“The great is one who inspire others to be great.”

I have met an uncountable number of personalities and the data is increasing day by day. I have found many of them made of extraordinary behavior, knowledge and impression. They have equally inspired me and I can name them ‘inspirations for a moment’ but It’s still a hunt in my life for a lifetime inspiration.
I am an undergraduate student and enjoying my time at college’s hostel. Here I have heard a friend’s story about his inspiration. He is from a remote area of our country and is now in the reputed Banaras hindu university. 
What inspired him and who is the person who made him able to join the race of so called more developed world?
He always name and remember that person and tell us about his great’s story.

As he usually say about his inspiration,

“Oh! The owner of my knowledge
You are the reason of my courage,
Those discussions interactions and debates
Filled in me the academic enthusiasm and determination,
From the bottom of my heart, I say
I will keep good health of your advices everyday,
Those two years of knowledge made my minds free
But departure from you still hurts me.”

He adds,

“Life had been synonymous to a ceaseless pain and agony to me. My 17th birthday pased in woeful fashion. I had even started to forget all the sweet reminiscences of my past. I had dried up my emotions. Several reasons juxtaposed together to define my degrading spirit. My former life years of chastity and purity were polluted by my new set of habits that had penetrated and taken roots in me. The intoxication of these nasty habits had been so intense that all my efforts went in vain. I tried to change my course but it did not work. The fallacy of my curiosity driven. Habits was proved beyond my acceptance. At this juncture, I realised nothing and get carried away with the wind. Many questioned my changes, tried to rectify me but all in vain. None could avert my folly. They made constant effort to get me back to the track but I was incorrigible then.

I remember how my class 10th exams were spoiled by my this changed way of life. Logic was quite perceptible but I could not clearly run my eyes across them. They made all tries to reclaim my lost self but failed by a terrible note. Parents felt the gravity of the situation and tried to help me through concealed way. It was mistake on my part to have declined their help. Then I too made a series of efforts to get away from those nasty habits and company. But the vicious ties hold me tight. I at that moment shrieked but none heard. I sought help but none came forward.


         (Image courtsey:

We have greatness among us but there is need of someone to explore that greatness.

But enough was enough I had decided to mend my ways. I had planned to change my course. The spirit of seeking goodness ran high in my blood. I made untiring efforts to achieve the former purity. But once blot with stain, It took me a tremendous amount of effort to wash it. But as the saying goes, “whenever you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” by paulo coelho. I met a Messiah in my life, he liberated me from the pseudo-chains that had refrained myself in following my instinct.

“A teacher in Indian tradition is treated above the God.”

A teacher is the highest person in a student’s life. I changed my school and joined for intermediate in another school.
I saw him first time there, ordinary in attire and appearance but extraordinary in his aura. The very first meet had hinted me of a prophetic omen which was about to happen in my life.

Rakesh kumar was the name of the person who later went to become the unending fountain of inspiration to me. Truly made up of undeniable greatness, his tutelage sowed the seeds of goodness in me. There are two kinds of teachers- One who teaches to inform and other who teaches to transform. He was of the later kind. I truly found optimal condition in his tutelage to thrash out all the vices in me. Though some may have remained in but I have thrown out the major ones permanently.

He taught the lessons well but he didn’t confine his work till there. The extra-syllabus classes made a great deal of impact in my untrained mind. The first major change that I witnessed was the habit of introspection that had inculcated in me. The art of inward looking exposed innumerous lapses in me. I vowed to change them. To be frank, I understood the purpoae of my life is to seek goodness in everything.

Life since then became a daily celebration. The festivity each day brought in my life was beyond compare. I still pay a great price for my erstwhile lackadaisical attitude. I faced the burnt of this happy-go-lucky attitude without any complaint. I became tolerant to all the adversities thereafter.

Today what I am more concerned with is what is the reason behind the magic. I with deep and profound search found that his principled and sincere efforts to impart us the knowledge at his disposal was the most potent force behind mine and several other’s transformation. He too had faced and slipped many times and the best part was that he rose and challenged the odds thereafter dictating life on his own terms.

Today still many problems come my way almost everyday. I even end up crying but what I find beautiful in me is that I do not further resort to those nefarious means to alleviate my problems. I rather cry and then equip myself with more strength and then proceed with revitalized spirit accepting the life as it is. The best way to live life is by reasonable questioning and by prudent acceptance. I today believe that miracle are made to happen by just altering the attitude towards life.

Rakesh Sir too did the same. As a man of same flesh and blood as I am, he too didn’t perform magic or cast any spell but disclosed the infallible attitude by which life is lived respecting each component of life alike. This makes my head bow before him in veneration. This silent acquiescence of him being at the pinnacle of my life, is the most sumptuous appetite of my moral self. This magnificience shan’t fade anyday.”

He always tell us that he is everything due to Rakesh Sir. Very few are made of great and Rakesh Sir is one of them.

I am still in search of such one but I must say after listening his story,
There should be a inspiration in every one’s life whom we can call made of great.”

Do you think so?


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Smile can make world smiling


“Smile multiplies love and add relations in our life’s directory.”

Smiles and sniffles are most prevalent in life but the irony is that sniffles predominate. We burst into laughter while in hilarious mood but a smile is worth being called smile if it comes at adverse situation. Why does it fade away then? Is smile confined to hilarious environment? If you think so then you are thoroughly mistaken.

A smile is coupled while it is shared. Smile fetches smile if it is potentially developed into most chaste habit in a being. There’s no substitute to this treasure which is just with all human beings. No-one has absolute right over it. The reminiscece of a sweet smile is so strong enough to make you smile life long. So treasure this most invaluable gift and smile beyond measures to make this life a pleasant one to arouse smile.

Smiling alone again is a serious matter. You may be suspected to be insane. So involve more participants to your smiling act. Worry can be countered by smile. The most dire consequences can be averted,faced and even challanged by smile. lf you are not smiling than what are you doing? Life is a beautiful celebration so why to mourn?

Life has been very challenging as well as an ideal bonhomie but it solely depends upon the person to choose the approach to be followed. Here most of us fail in the pursuit of following our dream.

When it comes to inducing a smile in others face it is a most noble at the same time difficult task to do so. But if a genuine effort is made in this direction, then the task would be as simple as a nursery rhyme. When a convicted approach is compounded with a natural smile then it would be no harm to predict about the infalliability of the approach.

Smile never infuriates anyone. Infact it is the most lethal weapon to bring about a change of heart. To make someone smile is to make oneself smile. Nobody has or can possess smile all by himself. lt is one of such riches that can be cherished and valued only when it is unlocked from one’s locker.

Life gives you by leaps and bounds the pleasures that you seek for but only if you dare to smile. You need to dare only when you forget to do the most simplest task life like smiling Hence smile till you feel that your share of smile isn’t over and while you share smiles with others you silently share their part of smiles too.

Smile is the special gift provided by the nature to human. Only we can smile and show emotions on suitable occasions.

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The real joy is here



The every single moment spent with our people, as like family or close friends or someone very intimate with us, is the most beautiful moment in our life. Those moments are to be captured in our hearts and minds and remembered for ever. That joy can only be imagined and felt.

Whenever we are with our owns, we talk of everything, share our feelings, play like kids and enjoy the real happiness. Our togetherness become more beautiful when we share our breakfast with each-other, laugh loudly on funny jokes and recite old memories.

The real togetherness, according to me is to be with my family. My family is everything for me and I am everything for my family. I can share my feelings in my family and it is cared. I respect my family and love to be with them whenever I have time.
The joy of real togetherness is always there, you too can imagine if you wish.

The today’s world is called the digital world. It’s the age of digital technology. We are moving upwards for gaining money, power, happiness etc. and in the process, forgetting our roots. Virtual world is capturing our real world.

Whatever this attractive looking Digital world has given to us is just for momentary enjoyment, but not for the whole life. Digital world has made us alone, selfish and dull. We have forgotten our roots that ask us to always keep ourselves in the contact of our owns, increase the number of our belongings and teaches us that the whole world is our family. But, It could be easily cited in mega cities that every single person is a family in itself.
It should be a matter of investigation that how people have became self-centered.


I think, The only power or reason that is able to change the scenario of this selfish and self-centered digital world is NATURE. People have forgotten their social duties and hence it has become very much necessary to remind our duties towards our culture, society and reality.
Nature can play vital role in defining the togetherness in many ways:-

1. Enjoying Picnic together

Picnic is a very rare case nowadays. Different types of parties in well-packed halls, has become today’s culture. In the past, picnic was very popular.
Picnic was a compulsory schedule and was celebrated like festival. Plans were made, spot was decided and the whole group(family, close friends etc.) were to go to the spot, make the food in open, play games, enjoy the nature and after eating it was the time to return home.
Those picnics are seen very rarely.
I think, Being intimate with the picnic celebration, we can connect ourselves with our owns and come out of the trap of Digital world.

2. Planting and caring

Today’s world is also known as a polluted world. Different types of pollution have been produced on the earth that is damaging our health as well as our lives.
Pollution can be reduced and controlled by the help of trees. We should pay our attention on planting trees rather than on cutting them.

Plantation is the process that requires regular watch and care. It’s the process that can bring people closer and make them helping, caring and social.

Pollution is problem for all and hence plantation can bring people together.

Nature is always caring like a mother, helping like a friend and the most beautiful.
If you wish to restore the togetherness, nature is always there to help you in the process.

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it’s time to break the shackles of the digital world and instead get down to the roots and connect in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world.


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Entertainment is one of the basic needs of our life and a life without entertainment is just like a movie without voice.

When you get tired of your studies, your work or mental tensions inside your brain, you need something refreshing that is able to delete the signs of tension from your mind and provide you new air.

Then there comes the turn of means of enjoyment. People love to watch movies, tv shows, musical programs, newshour debates etc. to be refreshed and energetic.

It is not an easy task to be glued with your television every time for watching your desired programs. Another thing, TV is commonly not the personal item on which you can watch programs of your wishlist. Commonly, TV is run at the home according to the choice of the elders in the family and you are not supposed to raise your voice against that choice.

Mobile is the device that is always ready and available to entertain as well as educate you with its informative and educative media features. Mobile is a personal device. No one can easily interfere in your mobile.

You can use it anywhere and anytime. There is no need to rely or argue on others for watching your choice.

I also prefer mobile entertainment rather watching television.
I love to watch many types of media entertainment for enjoyment as well as educational information. Some of these media entertainments are as follows:-

1. News documentaries

If you want to be aware of the current happenings around the world, historical moments in the past or the reality of things, you will have to be glued to 24×7 news channels, It’s not easy to do the same.

To counter this problem, I love to watch my favorite news documentaries on my mobile by downloading from internet.

2. Speeches

There happens live speeches by some great leaders around the world every time and it comes live on TV channels but not on mobile. The speech could be political, motivational, cultural etc., and these could be a source of inspiration for you. Your life could change from a point or a line or a world spoke in the whole speech.

In your family, many may not relate themselves with your choice and you cannot feel happy at that time.

I watch such speeches on my mobile. It’s objection-free as well as it comes to mind easily.

3. Lecture sessions

Lecture sessions are boring for majority of people but very intrresting and informative for many.
As a student, I love to watch lecture series related to my subject. I love to be get information rather than bore other one.

4. Documentaries on nature

Nature is what that inspires every people towards the beauty. I love to watch the beauty and the secret of the nature. To gain more and more about nature, I use my mobile to watch the beautiful nature videos in my mobile.

5. Best innings in cricket

I love to play as well as watch cricket. Best shots, best innings, best catches are something every cricket-lover loves to watch.

I too watch these in my mobiles.

What one aspires to see, one can satisfy their inspiration without any interruption, is the real enjoy of entertainment.

I love to watch these programs and shows on my mobile. I think every one should watch these programs on mobiles if he wants entertainment without interruption.

And, Tata Sky Transfer can help one more step towards entertainment.

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No one will stop me nor can stop me from the entertaining myself because mobile would be totally a personal device to use.

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Enjoy the smart and fast network


“Best output in the least input is the chief goal in today’s life.”

Progress is the nature of human being.
A chain of development is being continued from the early days of arrival of life on the earth. In the series of development, passing through so many types of world, we are now in the digital age of development. Our life is now based on digital technology. We are dependent on technology and life is not easy without it. This is possible only because of the invention of Internet.

Internet is one of the biggest achievement of human being. This International Network has not only turned this world into a global village but also made people closer to majority of people, knowledge, unknown things etc.

There is always a chance to get better.

The age of internet began with slow speed and less reach.
No doubt, Slow-speed internet irritates us. When it takes too much time to open a necessary file on internet, it makes us angry as well as irritating. It mostly fails to work when it is most desired.

So gone are the days of slow speed internet networks. Airtel has launched 4G network in India and the super fast speed internet is now available to use.

I have faced so many problems, irritating moments, due to the earlier slow speed networks.
I would use the new 4G network in my own way:-

1. Downloading in seconds

It was a time when one had to wait for hours to download a low resolution movie. Commonly, the movie was being added in the downloading list at the time of sleeping. It was believed that the movie or video will be completely downloaded till tomorrow morning but It was not certain.
The whole output was dependent upon your luck.

But, the new Airtel 4G network provides you the certainty to download an HD quality video/movie in few seconds.

I would experience the bullet speed of 4G network and download the desired files in very less time in comparison to earlier networks.

2. Playing video without buffering

In the earlier times, a low resolution video was certainly to buffer several times. A 5 minute video was completely viewed in not less than 20 minutes.
Who wouldn’t be irritated of that turtle speed?

The new Airtel 4G network assure its users about the video playing without a single buffering. It’s here to save our time. The smooth and smart network says, No stop till video ends.

3. Search on the go

You were to search your train or address on google map or search any term.
The speed of the internet was there to put you in the situation of dilemma. Waiting for minutes for the result and it might had showed you no connection tag.

You can imagine the status of your mind at that time.

Now, nothing to give stress on your mind.
Airtel 4G network will provide you your desire in less than a moment.

4. Filling forms without interruption

As a student, I have to fill up several exam forms, scholarship forms or many others too.
It is not possible on slow speed internet. Slow speed internet cannot finish it in original time. It might loose connection in between and make me embarrassed.

4G network assures me that It will not only complete my work it in time but also without any interruption.

I would use the new Airtel 4G network to experience the new level of internet speed, shouldn’t you?



Airtel 4G- The Fastest Network ever

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