Impacts of clean India campaign

“To take a big step, one need a small step in the beginning.”

I had to travel from Varanasi to my home by train. Train was late, So I decided to walk along the platform.
I was surprised to see that there was very very less amount of dirt and debris on its floor in comparison to 5-6 months back. There was regular cleaning done on the platforms. People were throwing the waste at suitable places but not here and there.

You will say what is surprising about this? Could cleaning be a surprise? Yes I know, It’s just a regular practice and the behavior of a common people.
But, It was not practiced outside our houses. People try to keep clean their own houses but not of others. Now, People are joining and co-ordinating their hands and making the impact.
It is surprising because 5 or 6 months before, the scene was totally different. Platforms were just like a house of dirt and debris.

Whether It’s used plastic bottles or wastewater or wasted papers, all was there to malign the beauty of  the platform, the junction as well as the city.

Criticism is done at large scale against the Clean India Campaign. People ask about its impact.
I would say that Clean India Campaign has been changing the traditional mindset of people.

What changes I have seen after the launch of Clean India campaign by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 02nd of October, 2014, I have witnessed some smaller but very necessary changes in people’s mind as well as at the ground level.


1. People search for dustbin to throw waste

In earlier time, It was common that people were used to dump waste outside the dustbin. It was familiar to witness the littering anywhere on the road in a large amount.
But now, People dump waste at right place and if they do not find the dustbin, they ask from the people for that.

2. Young minds and hands are changing the scenario

Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi is the spiritual capital of India. Banaras is well-known as the city of streets, Ghats and temples.
Politically, Varanasi is also the parliamentary seat of PM Narendra Modi.

Two young ladies, Temsutula Imsong and Darshika Shah with their team started a initiative “Mission Prabhughat” to clean Ghats of the Banaras. At first, People tried to ignore as well as criticize for their work.
But, when there efforts began to change the scene, people began to join their hands to make the building.
PM himself praised their effort on his twitter account.

3. India can really change

‘INDIA CAN CHANGE’, It was just a slogan. But efforts and changes in Clean India campaign has shown as well as regularly changing people’s traditional mindset.


It is just an example of change what I have been witnessing. There are a lot to come, join and make a clean country.

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