Myself being a Role Model

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part
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A Role Model in our life is that person whom we want to follow,we want to be just like our Role Models.
Everyone has an interest in something whether it is games,acting,engineering etc. There is always a person at the top level in the field of ours interest. We usually get interested towards them and start to follow up.
I am the Role Model of Myself. I want to be myself not sachin,virat or Amitabh bachchan etc. Someone thinks their father or mother is their role model. Ya,They can be. They are our first teachers. They learned us basics of our lives. But when we act like them,often fails and suffers from disappointment.
We can’t adopt their behaviour. Everyone has its own class. So,they should be themselves. Increasing itself’s quality can make us much more ahead of our role models. Following our Role Model is not a good idea. Role Models should be in the Heart not in our works.
Someone has rightly said that to get ahead, it’s important to beat ourselves not the apponents. By beating ourselves, we become more strong than past.
I being Role Model of Myself,love my life and live my dreams in a better manner. What about you,I don’t know. I am in a bit profit too. I have not to open a book,surf the internet or sit in library for hours
to know about my Role model. Never to wait for that person. I am always with my role
model. I make comments on him,evaluate him and questions too.
It is myself for me and yourself for you,the best companion ever. Why not make it more
Why to chase another’s path if We are able to create a new one. There is always space for
the new path,but the confidence dosen’t allow to walk on that.
But being Myself thrases all if and buts.


2 thoughts on “Myself being a Role Model

  1. I guess we are all unique and we should strive to become better everyday. I agree that following a role model blindly may not be a good option. A very different post for this role model contest. All the best 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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